You can order Supi-holders in the form under here. Remember to fill every field that we can deliver Supi-holders in to the right address. Products delivered from Finland. Deliverytime various according to destination country. At this moment we can deliver only to all European Union countries, to Usa and to Canada. When you have ordered we send you invoice via Paypal. Delivery after payment.

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Supi-sockholders. Package 1.
Package includes 5 pcs yellow, 5 pcs red and 5 pcs blue
Price: eur 5,90 / Package

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Supi-sockholders. Package 2.
Package includes 5 pcs white, 5 pcs green and 5 pcs black
Price: eur 5,90 / Package

I order: Package

Delivery cost eur 7.00
If you have special wishes, Please write comment in textfield under here.

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